The Restaurant of Hotel Menelaion

Events of hotel Menelaion winter 2016
mirela pachou live at hotel menelaion
Mirela Pahou live Hotel Menelaion

The Restaurant of Hotel Menelaion

tastes at the restaurant of hotel menelaion
tastes at the restaurant of hotel menelaion

In an era of countless tendencies, impulses and products in terms of cooking and eating, who has not caught himself looking for something new?

We want to make the difference but without any compromises in quality.

A reasonable requirement for lovers of good food and basic principle of the restaurant's philosophy of "Menelaion Hotel".

Since 1935 in the center of Sparta, the hotel "MENELAION" is an integral part of the city. A key component of the hotel restaurant which combines the traditional with the new. The philosophy behind the cuisine of "MENELAION" hotel is based on respect for the customer and the excellent quality of raw materials. Using laconian and Peloponnesian products not only the local community is enhanced, but also ensured the continuation of traditional elements.

All these elements characterize the philosophy of "MENELAION" hotel’s cuisine from 1935 until today. So with faith in tradition while developing it, the ideal conditions are created for a wonderful culinary adventure.
Savvas Aravanis Chef of Hotel Menelaion Restaurant